February 4, 2010

How is this the new site if none of you are on it? Lol.


The Uma Site

March 27, 2008

Just letting you guys know, this is the uma site.

Underground Mafias Army <<< Click that.



February 6, 2008

Ok umm idk really wut to do with this site lol. Uma is back to normal uma and Im guessing this is gonna stay that way. This site will be used to update on things.




January 18, 2008

CompWiz5000 changed the backround to Admirals chat’s backround.. heres the link. Its the UMA chat again too.


The UPF site

January 12, 2008

The new site is finally up, thanks to the great ideas for the name. So far some thngs are up. I still need to put up everyones name on the ranks so dont worry yet if your name is not up there.

The new site is Http://www.undergroundpenguinfederation.wordpress.com/


The new army’s name

January 12, 2008

I have come to a decision for the name. A lot of people voted and one was voted more times then one. The new group is to be called UPF which is Underground penguin federation. I really liked that one and many of you did to. I will make the site and put up ranks, chat, and more. Thanks for all your help and there is plenty more decisions for the new army.


A army

January 11, 2008

Hey guys! I was going to name the army afa but someone changed my mind. It sounds to much like a dictator. So I have some choices that I got from people and a choice of my own.

NPA [National Penguin Army]

CPM [Club Penguin Mafia]

UPF [Underground Penguin Federation]

MRA [Mafia Rebellion Army]

Let me know which you guys like best. I’ll make a new site